The Greenwich Meridian Route can be done either unaided, or with the help of an organisation that can take care of all the necessary arrangements, without your having to concern yourself about anything. It is your decision.

You can also do the route in various stages, over different months, or even over different years. There is no obligation to do everything in one go, though we believe that this is perhaps the most satisfying way to do it; contemplating a continuously changing landscape and enjoying the full experience of the Greenwich Meridian Route.

Reasonably fit and experienced mountain bike riders (who are able to cope with a variation in altitude of over 700 m in one hour) should be able to complete the route in about 7 days, though 8-10 days would be more comfortable. Those travelling on foot will probably need around 18-22 days, and those who wish to do it by road bike will require 3-5 days.

The route can be divided into various sections and these can be downloaded for free from the website.

Remember that to complete the Greenwich Meridian Route you will also have to cross the Sea of Aragón by motorboat.

What are the advantages to doing the route with Meridiano Ø?

You can enjoy the following for just 15€:

  1. Reservations at the list price; not a penny more and not a penny less. There is no need to waste time or money on making reservations. It is not necessary to pay deposits or fees for each booking; you thereby avoid commissions and save money.
  2. Guaranteed accommodation. The route that the Ø Meridian follows offers little in the way of accommodation. If you simply turn up at a village without a reservation, it is probable that there will be no rooms available. You could be putting your health and safety at risk and increasing your expenses, as the nearest available accommodation may be quite a few kilometres or a significant taxi ride away.
  3. A cheaper crossing of the Sea of Aragón (Mequinenza Reservoir) by motorboat. You will save the cost of the Carta Magna.
  4. The Carta Magna: a certificate that will be given to you at the start of your journey and stamped when you return to Torla to confirm that you have completed the Greenwich Meridian Route.
  5. Personalised answers to any questions that you may have, advice to ensure you can complete the route in the best possible conditions, and help to deal with any potential surprises or unexpected incidents that might otherwise cause you problems if you were doing the route on your own.

Whether you reserve your accommodation with us or not, we are also able to offer the following services to ensure that you get the fullest possible enjoyment from the Greenwich Meridian Route:

  1. Insurance to cover the days you spend doing the route.
  2. The transportation of your luggage etc. There is no need to carry any heavy bags with you on your journey. For a very reasonable price, your bags will be taken to the place that you have chosen for your next accommodation.
  3. Transport to return you to your point of departure. There is no need to worry about catching buses or trains to take you back to where you left your vehicle.

If you choose to return to the starting point on your own, we would strongly advise you to take the bus from Castellón to Zaragoza or Lleida (with services leaving from the Bus Station at around 1 pm and 7:20 pm, respectively). From Zaragoza and Lleida, take the bus or train to Barbastro (various options) and then go from Barbastro to Torla by bus, via Aínsa (leaving for Barbastro at 11:15 am and 5:15 pm and arriving in Torla at 1:10 pm and 7:10 pm, respectively, depending on the day of the week). This return journey will require two days and one night. For more information, consult: and

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