This is undoubtedly one of the great experiences of the Greenwich Meridian Route. We cross from the left-hand bank of the Ebro, which we will have reached after passing through some large peach plantations where we may well spot some deer, to the right-hand bank, close to the historic town of Caspe.

The point of embarkation is near the Isla Pequeña (Little Island) and we will then come ashore at the Lake Caspe campsite, where an overnight stay is possible. It will take some 10 minutes to cross this immense reservoir which is more than 110 km long and has a total shore perimeter of around 500 km. The most significant of the fish to be found in its waters are enormous catfish which were illegally introduced by fishermen in the 1970s; they can grow to lengths of up to 3 m.

Crossing prices for Carta Magna holders:

  • Up to 3 passengers: € 100
  • 4 passengers or more: € 25 per person.

Crossing prices for travellers without the Carta Magna:

  • Up to 3 passengers: € 140.
  • 4 passengers or more: € 40 per person.

Apart from at the departure point, in Torla, and at the arrival point, in Castellón, this is the only place, other than Huerta de Vero and Herbés, where we need to stamp the Carta Magna. Users must pay the cost of the crossing directly to the company that provides this service.


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