Our Greenwich Meridian Route is not just another route; it is an epic journey and a real challenge. The difference between the two concepts is considerable. With the Greenwich Meridian Route, we are speaking about twice the number of days, or even more, compared to the average length of a conventional commercially organised trip of this type. Safety and security are vital questions which also need to be considered and especially under the specific circumstances that can be encountered during this journey, with kilometre after kilometre of isolation, far from inhabited settlements and without any mobile phone coverage.

For this reason, we think it is important to offer the guide service and to weigh up the possible safety issues that could be of concern to some people.

The price to concernig Rutes Silvia Rovira, with a maximum of 10 pax . The group must comprise people with similar physical capacities.

The role of a guide is not only to lead a group along the correct route, but also to help to resolve any other problems that could arise. This does not, however, include carrying the group’s equipment; the members of the group will have previously been informed of this in writing and of the other terms and conditions applicable.

Organised trip: the travel agency Rutes Silvia Rovira organises trips associated with the Greenwich Meridian Route but without dealing with logistical matters. Their services are particularly aimed at trekkers, as there are some sections of the route that may require overnight stays along the way because of the great distances between settlements. In such cases, Kabi will make all the necessary arrangements concerning tents, food and any of the other elements required to make the journey a success. Please consult the organisation.

Meridian Ø is a registered trademark file number M-3047027.

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