Over the more complicated stretches, and for those with less expertise in the art of mountain bike riding, you will have the possibility of taking some slight detours from the original route.

These variations are as follows:

  1. Stretch from Nerín to the Ceresuela crossroad: having reached Nerín, our route turns westwards and follows the GR (in Spain there are a number of long-distance or GR footpaths: the GR stands for Gran Recorrido). We will follow this path, which in places is quite technically difficult footpath, for some 3 km. Note that the point at which this path ends and joins the road corresponds exactly to our imaginary line. Once on the road, after a short climb of just over 1 km, the route turns left and continues along the GR to Busain. Along the way, there are some very steep slopes. It then links up with the track that leads to Ceresuela. Those not used to this type of terrain can go back down to the road at Nerín and then head towards Fanlo. From there, we will pick up the track to Ceresuela.
  2.  Stretch from Yeba to Jánovas: the track that leads out of Ceresuela will take us to the outskirts of Yeba. The original route continues along a tarmacked road and after a couple of kilometres, on a right-hand turning off a horseshoe bend, a forest track leads off to the left and then up to a cabin where a footpath off to the right takes us down into a ravine. This footpath, which later becomes part of the main MTB route through this area, is technically very challenging. At a crossroads, which is a little further on, we will turn left off to the left, but we should remember at all times that great technical skill is required along this stretch. The original route continues over a tarmacked surface (which later becomes a dirt track) and reaches the main road after some 12 km. Once on the main road, we can head left – in the direction of Aínsa – and then take the turnoff for Jánovas on the right.
  3.  Stretch from Sarsa de Surta to Radiquero: when we have passed Las Bellostas, on entering the Guara mountain range, we come to the small village of Sarsa de Surta. A difficult 2 km climb then follows, with loose gravel which makes it particularly difficult for bike riders. This variation continues along a tarmacked surface and then goes on towards Paúles, without entering Sarsa de Surta itself. Here, we have to head towards Sta. María de la Nuez, going in the direction of Betorz along the footpath and then on to Lecina, Asque, Alquézar and Adahuesca, where we will once again meet up with the original route.
  4.  Other options can be consulted in the section on MTB TRACKS.
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