There is little in the way of accommodation along the Greenwich Meridian Route, so if you arrive without a reservation, you may find places fully booked, which could give you a serious problem.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so if you know what you want, we can help you to make reservations in the places where you would like to spend the night.

Things to bear in mind:

– Our prices are the same as the official tariffs; no cheaper and no more expensive.

– When making your reservation, remember that it is best to be careful and to err on the side of caution. Check the time it takes to travel from place to place to give yourself a general idea. It is always better to arrive earlier than you expected than to arrive late and in a hurry… or to not arrive at all.

– Remember that if you do not get to your chosen destination and must sleep somewhere else, you will lose the money that you have paid. The establishment in question could have sold the room/bed you reserved to another client.

Note that doing the Greenwich Meridian Route is not a question of buying a tourist package. The organisation simply makes it easier for everyone to choose where to stay; along the route they can choose what is best for them, always bearing in mind the distance between each start and finish point.

Acquiring the Carta Magna only implies being able to certify that you have completed the route and allows you a discount when crossing the Sea of Aragón.

Ø Meridiano has reached an agreement with the travel agency Rutes Silvia Rovira, for the agency to organise the reservation of accommodation at different establishments for no additional prices to those stated on their official price lists. In this way, those who use this accommodation will enjoy guaranteed reservations.

For any further information or advice, please send an e-mail to  info@meridianoØ.com

To make reservations with any of the accommodation establishments.

We will not come across much in the way of accommodation along the route. So, to avoid unwelcome surprises, we therefore recommend that any accommodation is reserved through the organisation. There is also the possibility of staying overnight at establishments located only a few kilometres from the finishing point of each day, though this would imply being picked up at the end of the day and then taken back to the same point the following morning in order to be able to continue our journey.

Given the shortage of accommodation in the area around Caspe and Matarraña and nearby zones accommodation will be difficult to find, and even more so when there is racing at the nearby Alcañiz Motorland circuit, so it is highly recommendable to book accommodation well in advance.

All prices quoted are for half-board accommodation (dinner, accommodation and breakfast).

Account number for paying the deposit and confirming your reservation (please clearly indicate the reservation number given to you by the organisation and also your surname): ES83 2100 0035 0002 0046 2189  – La Caixa

Steps for making a reservation:

Step 1: Choose the discipline: trekking, MTB, road bicycle or motorbike.

Step 2: Type of accommodation (Basic, Medium or Premium).

Step 3: Dates that you would like to reserve.

Step 4: The number of kilometres per day. Remember that the total journey is around 500 km long and that some sections are exceptionally hard. It is better to err on the side of caution rather than have a bad experience.

Advice for people able to cope with changes in altitude of 700 m/h and who are used to physical exercise:

–                      Trekking: about 20 to 25 km/day (walking for 5 to 6 hours without counting breaks). In this case, you should make sure that you have all your sleeping gear with you or use our services to make the necessary arrangements.

–                      MTB: about 60 to 75 km/day (cycling for 5 to 6 hours without counting breaks).

–                      Road cycling: about 125 to 150 km/day (cycling for 5 to 6 hours without counting breaks).

–                      Enduro: about 100 to 130 km/day. At an average of about 35 km/hour.

–                      Road motorcycle: about 250 km/day (most of the route is along secondary roads with numerous bends). At an average of about 50 km/h.

Step 5: Choose the type of accommodation required: hotel, rural cottage, guest house, etc.

Step 6: State whether you will need any luggage to be transported. Each day you will find your luggage at the establishment where you have chosen to stay the night. Prices per person (half-board):

  1 person 2 people 3 people o more
2 days  360€  180€  120€
3 days  405€  205€  135€
4 days  450€  225€  150€
5 days  495€  250€  165€
6 days  590€  270€  180€
7 days or more  630€  315€  210€

Step 7: State whether you would like to return to the place you began the Greenwich Meridian Route with the organisation. Price per vehicle: 0.85 cents/km. There will be a maximum of 6 people per vehicle.

Step 8: State whether you would like a guide (€ 150/day).

Step 9: State whether you would like insurance cover (€ 3/day).

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