If you would like to do the route and to contract the transport service for luggage and/or people to the starting point, you can indicate your intentions in this section. If you do this, you may be able to obtain these services at a reduced price. Bear in mind the fact that the cost of this trip, and therefore of the associated transport service, is the same for one person as it is for eight.

This service may also be used to join a group and make new friends, etc. We therefore ask you to provide clear information concerning the following details:

    • Possible dates
    • How you plan to do the route (trekking, MBT, etc…)
    • Your level of physical fitness (how many hours a day you can walk for, or ride a bicycle for, etc…)
    • How many days you plan to take
    • The villages/towns at which you plan to sleep
    • The type of accommodation that you would prefer
    • How many hours a day you are thinking of walking/cycling, etc.

The more details that you can provide and the more specific they are, the better. It is not pleasant when someone has been planning to do the Greenwich Meridian Route with other people and then, after a few hours or days, finds that their intentions are incompatible.

The organisation reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comments from this section.

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